Sliding door frames

Save space with sliding door frames!

As we build smaller homes, it's important to save space.

A hinged door occupies about 1,2m2 floor space, and 0,8m wall space in order for it to rotate 180°.

This space can be much better utilized using sliding door frames, where the door "disappears" into the wall.

This brings more openness to your home, while at the same time you have the opportunity to close off rooms.

All standard sliding doors fit inside the Pocket sliding door frames.

Attic staircases

Utilize the attic
– and you'll get a bigger home!

The attic is an excellent storage space, for camping gear, garden furniture, suitcases, clothes and more.

The Pocket attic staircase is isolated with 50mm incombustible mineral wool. Lists made of cellular rubber are mounted, and the espagnolett lock, seals the staircase off from a cold attic.

You get easy access to the attic, and the Pocket attic staircase can be installed in the room of your choice.

Closet doors

Install a Pocket closet door, and utilize all available space for storage!

A closet door is a fully insulated door for installing in knee walls in front of cold closets, the attic or other rooms. The doors are pre-hinged on the door frame, and easy to install.

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